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“How-To Have The Kind Of Sales And Marketing Funnels That Convert Like The A-Player Marketers Have – WITHOUT You Having To Build Them Yourself”

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Chris Koehl

From: The Desk Of Chris Koehl
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Date: Saturday August 30th 2014

Dear Small Business Owner,

Would you like to take your sales and marketing funnels to the next level, so you can work less? Would you like to dramatically increase the size of your opt-in lists? Would you then like to move those prospects into action and set them off on a buying frenzy?

If so, I encourage you to read every word on this page. Because you’re about to discover…

“The Single Most Important Factor To Massive Online Profits”

My name is Chris Koehl.

I know a big secret to transforming almost any website into a 24-hour cash machine. This secret eludes most rookie and veteran online business owners.

The few who know it enjoy a continuous stream of sales and profits. Before the end of this page you will know this secret too. First, I think it’s important to share a little background with you.

And a few reasons why you should listen to me.

Because this could be the ticket to your online success. Don’t laugh. I know you’ve heard promises like that before. But I’m serious. Whats more, I’m going to prove to you everything I say is true.

“Here’s The Story…”

Just 14 years ago, I worked as an electrician. Slaving away for “da man” 55 plus hours a week. I was not struggling to make ends meet. I was rolling in the “dough” as they say. Although things were great, one little problem gnawed away at my insides.

You see, I became an electrician at 16. By the age of 24, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. At least that’s what I thought. My niche was Carnival equipment. Ferris Wheels. Merry-Go-Rounds, etc. Name the ride and I wired, assembled – and in some cases – transported them.

For a young guy, it was fun work and big bucks. I had a blast. Not for long, though. A couple of years later – when I started enjoying my swelling bank account – reality came crashing in on me like a ton of bricks. I began hating my job.

Dreading the career I once loved. Why?

I’m glad you asked. By this time, I was in a wonderful relationship and became a dad. But my job required me to fly all over the world. I slept in hotels – away from my family – over 200 days per year. No amount of money was worth it.

“I felt miserable and stuck. Like a trapped rat.
Ever hear the term occupational slavery?”

It’s pretty self-explanatory and described my situation perfectly. My job handcuffed my life. All I did was work and sleep. But what was I to do? Being an electrician was what I knew… and… I had a family to support.

As you can imagine, I wanted out… fast!

I decided to find some way to become wealthy. Or at least financially independent of a job. You might say my hobby was investigating moneymaking plans. I got suckered into every kind of “Get Rich” scheme out there.

Because I really wanted to get rich. Then, one day, I received a free CD in the mail that changed my life forever. The free CD came from, none other than, good old America Online (remember them :-). Actually, these CD’s kept popping up in my mail box for months. After about six or seven of them, I got excited for some reason.

I knew absolutely nothing about the Internet. But I did know if AOL could afford to send free CD’s about the Internet someone had to be making serious money! So, I did the most logical thing I could think of: I jumped in my car with my credit card in hand… made a “beeline” for the nearest electronics store… and… bought a brand new computer.

Little did I know my life would never be the same again. From then on, I spent all my spare time on the Internet. I knew there had to be a quick and easy way to get rich with it. However, for me, it wasn’t quick… and… it wasn’t easy.

In fact, my journey to online success was long and grueling. But nothing was going to stand in my way. I went on a “learning spree”. Pouring over $100,000 into my marketing, copywriting and Internet education.

I bought everything I could get my hands on from: Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Armand Morin, the late Corey Rudl, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Michel Fortin and so on. If a product existed that I thought would help me make it online… I bought it.

My personal library is packed with programs such as: The Big Seminar Home Study Courses, Continuity Blueprint, Product Launch Formula, Accelerated Internet Wealth Series, StomperNet, Traffic Secrets, etc, Magnetic Marketing.

I even had the opportunity to personally work with John Reese. For over eight years, I’ve immersed myselft 8 to 10 hours a day on the web. All of this learning and doing paid off handsomely.

It allowed me to build an Internet business that produced millions of dollars in total over the course of several short years.

Listen: You only need to know a few things to drag in serious amounts of money online. Those things include: capturing leads to a list… converting them into paying customers… and, of course… repeating the process consistently.

Really that’s all there is to it.

Putting the mechanics to work is where everyone screws up. I see two main problems preventing online entrepreneurs from realizing the cash flow and lifestyle they crave.

Running a online business is not easy. Unless you solve these two problems. The first of which is…

“Lack of Technical Internet Know-How”

Because running an online business today, requires a lot of different systems.

You need to have things like a…

Websites, social media pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, webinars, evergreen events, offers, CRM, automated email marketing, dynamic marketing behavior, customer retention systems, customer referral systems, membership sites, etc.

I think you’re starting to get the idea :-)

You then have to understand how all of these systems work together. Not to mention be able to set them all up so you can start using them to sell your products and services.

Let’s look at the second big problem most small businesses have when marketing online and it has to do with having an effective…

“Marketing Funnel & System That Drives People Through A Process From Visitor To New Customer, Pretty Much On Auto-Pilot”

There are only three ways to grow a business,

  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

There is a TOP SECRET process we use when designing these money making funnels for our clients…

It’s called… Customer Value Optimization or CVO. There are five main parts to this process. I’ll go over each of these briefly to give you an idea of how they work.

1: The Lead Magnet: The Lead Magnet is an irresistible bribe that gives a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. Make no mistake, although no money changes hands, this is a transaction. And, it is often the first transaction you will have with a prospect.

2: The Tripwire offer: The Tripwire offer is made to those that have displayed interest through the Lead Magnet. The Tripwire is an affordable offer, usually between $1 and $20. The goal of the Tripwire is to fundamentally change the relationship from prospect to customer. The conversion of a prospect to a customer, even for $1, is magical.

3: The Core Offer: You likely already have a Core Offer. It’s your flagship product or products. Most businesses get nowhere by making Core Offers to cold prospects. You’ll see your Core Offer sales explode with the addition of the Lead Magnet and Tripwire Offer.

4: The Profit Maximizer: The second of Jay Abraham’s business growth methods is to increase the average transaction value per customer. The Profit Maximizer does just that. Most businesses don’t have Tripwire Offers and they don’t have Profit Maximizers. They live and die selling cold prospects on their Core Offer.

5: The Return Path: The goal of the Return Path is to have frequent, strategic communication with your buyers and prospects that cause them to buy again and again. Because you have received their contact information through the Lead Magnet you have the ability to continue marketing.

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