Easy Webinar Plugin Review

Today, I want to share with you a great tool called Easy Webinar Plugin.

This is my Easy Webinar Plugin review and in it, I’ll share with you my thoughts and experiences with using this tool.

(Side note: I want you to know that I’m an affiliate for Easy Webinar Plugin and will be compensated if you decide to purchase this application using my links on this page. With that said, I’m only an affiliate because I personally use this software and find it very valuable. Plus, I think Casey Zeman and his team are doing a fantastic job with this application).

It’s been a long time coming for someone to really focus on building a quality software application for running live and automated events.

Most of what you see out there when it comes to webinar software is just plain junk!

It’s put together from marketers only looking to make a quick buck. The problem with that is, us business owners need a reliable and dependable software application that we can count on to consistently deliver our sales and training messages over time.

In order to pull this off, you really need full-time programmers who understand what they’re doing and always looking for ways to improve the application.

It was a pleasant surprise when I started to dig into Easy Webinar Plugin.

For me, I’m always looking for solid applications that do what they say they’re going to do. This is because we build high-end sales and marketing funnels for our clients.

So, we put things to the test before recommending it to our clients.

Here are 3 reasons why I like the Easy Webinar Plugin

1) The support team is very responsive. When I first installed the app, I had a couple questions. They got back with me right away and we’re able to get all my questions answered.

2) The functionality of the software is really good. I stared using it at 3.0 and I’m now on version 4.0 and it just keeps getting better and better.

3) Infusionsoft integration. This is HUGE for us, since we work with Infusionsoft users all the time. Easy Webinar Plugin, works with the Infusionsoft API, so it can create (or update) the contact inside of Infusionsoft. It will also set tags on the users record, based on their activity when going through the webinar funnel.

Here’s a screen shot of how you set the tags in the app…

Easy Webinar Plugin Infusionsoft

One of the other main functions that’s important to us, is the ability to control the look and feel of the pages.

When we create blogs, sales pages, funnels and webinars for our clients. It’s important to maintain the same look and feel throughout the site. This allow you to have a clean and professional look to things.

To see an example of how we customized one of our many webinar funnels to match the look and feel of DigitalMarketingFunnels.com, check out this one.

Big Money Funnels Webinar

The other nice feature is that it’s completely mobile friendly. So, all your prospects and customers will be able to watch your webinars on their mobile devices.

Easy Webinar Plugin also has a nice integration with SendGrid. SendGrid is used for handling all your emails going out to your people who sign up for your webinars.

This way you’re not depending on having all your email sent via your wordpress site.

There are also a lot of templates in the system, that are already built for you. This way you don’t have to worry about being a designer or having to know any CSS coding.

Casey Zeman and his team are doing a really nice job with this application!

Casey is the founder of EasyWebinar and best selling author of the book “Build Your Audience with Live Video“.  He just released a new training where he shares a blueprint for maximizing your profits when using events and webinars in your business.

He calls this system, the “Event Launch Blueprint“. This is something he normally only teaches in his private coaching program.

In the event launch blueprint Casey talks about the 4 most important types of events for double, tripling and quadrupling what you would usually make from your common everyday webinar promotion.

You see most people only do 1 or 2 of these 4 steps when promoting using events and webinars… and it can really show in their bottom line.

But Casey reveals these hidden events that have allowed his students to literally make 4 times as much as usual.

In fact he reveals one student who after learning these strategies implemented this one thing to double his profit from his webinar promotions.

This is training that he shares with his coaching students… but today – [dynamic_date date_format=”F d\\, Y” before=”” after=””], Casey is sharing it with you!

Easy Webinar Training With Casey Zeman

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your webinars and ultimately – make more money. Then checkout this training from Casey as well as learn more on the Easy Webinar Plugin.

Make it a great day my friend!

Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl

How To Cure Procrastination

Procrastination is a killer. Today I want to share with you a great video from my buddy Eben Pagan on how to cure procrastination.

 How To Cure Procrastination

To watch this video simply click here to and enter your primary email address into his page. This way Eben can send you over more of these videos, once he makes them available.

One of the concepts Eben talks about in this video is something he calls… “habit gravity and escape velocity“. Now, for me this message comes at a great time. That’s because I’m currently reading Og Mandino book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World“.

In the book, there are a set of scrolls with a very powerful message on them. You want to read each scroll, three times per day for 30 days in a row. Once you’re done with the first scroll, you move to the next scroll and read that one for the next 30 days, etc.

I’m on day three so far and the changes are really amazing. I mention this because it ties in perfectly with what Eben is talking about in this video. At the end of the day, you’re looking at creating good habits that replace your bad habits.

One of the best ways to cure procrastination is to create good and productive habits for yourself.

Also, in this video series, Eben has a great download called the “Habit Designer“.

Check it out, because if you’re struggling with procrastination, this free video series can help you breakthrough.

Rock on my friend!

Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl

Create High Converting Sales Letters In Seconds (Using This NEW Technology)…

Hi Guys,

Chris here, and I have something very cool I want to share with you today ([dynamic_date date_format=”F d\\, Y” before=”” after=””]). It’s a way for you to be able to create high converting sales letters in seconds – it’s really cool.

(More on this new technology in just a second…)

I remember back in 2003, when direct response sales letters where hot and everyone had one. The problem was, it was expensive to hire a good copywriter who really knew how to write a high converting letter.

When I launched one of my first products online, It cost me around $10,000 to have my sales letter written… yikes!

But, I knew that if it converted, it was money in the bank… and it worked like gangbusters and became very profitable.

Now a days, things are much different online. Everything is video now and your standard direct response sale letter is now called a VSL (video sales letter).

This is sometimes a stand alone video or a hybrid of a video and direct response letter.

Don’t get me wrong, direct response sales letters still rock (especially offline – love that!). But now they include video video gets peoples attention faster and keeps them engaged, more than anything else I’ve seen online.

So, I would highly recommend you using video in your sales and marketing efforts online.

Up until now, you needed all kinds of software programs to really create a killer VSL.

You needed things like…

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Premiere Elements
  • After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Keynote / Powerpoint

Plus a bunch of other expensive stuff.

Well, with this new VSL technology, you can SAY GOODBYE  to all of that.

video editing software

Let me share with you a brand new application called Easy VSL.

EasyVSL is the fastest and easiest way to transform your sales message, using a simple point and click interface to create professional looking VSLs in the least amount of time possible.

EasyVSL is:

  • Faster than PowerPoint. 95% FASTER than Messing with Powerpoint
  • Easier than video editing.
  • And more affordable than virtually anything else on the market. Imagine being able to write a video script that can transform it into a video sales letter, instantly.

Imagine knowing you can create a video in under 10 minutes when most people in your niche take days or even weeks to produce theirs.

Here’s a quick look inside the app…

Create High Converting Sales Letters

Imagine knowing you can create a video in under 10 minutes when most people in your niche take days or even weeks to produce theirs.

Imagine being able to leverage a 2 to 3x increase in your conversion rates – what that would do for your business?

If you can type, you can create a high converting video sales letter in less than 10 minutes using this new technology.

Watch EasyVSL In Action…

Easy VSL Video Overview

Click Here For Automatic Video Creation

This is software is just plain cool and I know you’re going to absolutely love it!

Checkout the video and watch as my buddy Mark Thomson walks you through exactly how this works.

Make it a great day my friend!

Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl

The Goal Setting System

Today, I want to share with you a system I use for goal setting. I call this the goal setting system and I think you’re going to love it!

Before we dive into all the details, I want to cover some of the steps I use when setting goals. These 7 steps are very powerful and have helped me achieve many of my personal and business goals.

Ok, let’s get this party started!

Step 1: Set Goals (Clarify What You Want)

I remember when I first read Steven Coveys book called… “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People“. One of the habits had to do with… “begin with the end in mind“.

When I first read this concept, I was blown away. It made complete sense to me. You set your “goal” and what it is you’re after and then work backward from that point.

Think of this like reverse engineering your goals. Start planning out all the things you’ll need to do in order to achieve what it is you want.

Step 2: Take Action (Start Moving Forward)

One of my beliefs is that you make a decision and then you make that the right decision. Which simply means you start moving forward toward your goals, even if you don’t have all the answers yet.

This allows you to consistently adjust your actions, so you can ALWAYS find the best solution at that point and MOVE FORWARD, consistently.

Step 3: Visualize (See Your Success)

Visualization, is very powerful. You want to visualize your goals clearly on a daily basis. Seeing is believing and believing is doing and doing (TAKING ACTION) leads to success.

Step 4: Track Your Time (Know Where You’re Spending Your Time At)

Something magical happens when you start tracking your time. I remember the first time I did this, I was amazed at how much of it I was wasting on unproductive activities.

Sure, there are times when I’m just relaxing, but the key for me is to schedule this time. For example, I have time blocked out for my family, health, work and relaxing time.

Step 5: Success Habits (Putting Good Stuff In Your Mind)

Every day I schedule time for reading. This allows me to consistently put fresh new concepts and ideas into my mind. I highly recommend you join Amazon prime and start getting books on topics that interest you.

This to me has been one of the most powerful factors in my success. Learning from the masters and then simply following their lead, modeling their behavior and actions.

Step 6: Journaling (Writing Down My Thoughts And Ideas)

I learned this concept from Jim Rohn. I remembered him talking about the importance of writing down your thoughts and ideas. This is very powerful, especially when you look back at your notes from over the last year and see all the growth that has happened.

It’s pretty cool!

Step 7: Review And Adjust (Keep Moving Forward)

One thing that helps to make sure you’re always heading toward your goals is to consistently review your progress. I like to do this every month, sometimes every day… depending on the goal. Then I can simply make adjustments based on the data.

If I’m getting the results I want and I’m moving toward my goal… I keep doing that 🙂

If I’m NOT getting the results I want and I’m moving away from my goal, I stop doing that and do something else.

The System I Use…

[leadplayer_vid id=”5498A40F329C8″]

One of the systems I use to help keep me on target is called “Goals On Track“.

I first started using this a couple years ago and have been a big fan. It allows me to hit all seven steps of my goal setting process and keeps me on the right track.

Click here to check it out and start using it to hit goals!

Goals On Track

Talk with you soon,

Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl

10 Step Business Vision Template

Date:  [date format=”l F jS Y”]


Hi [personalize_platform param=”inf_field_FirstName” default=”Visitor” /],

There is a saying that goes like this: Failing to plan is planning to fail. Here’s a quick 10 step business vision template for you.

When running a business, if you skip steps because you think they don’t matter (because you just have a ìsmallî business or a ìsole proprietorship and it’s just you), then you’re not going to be able to build a sustainable business that will provide the security and future that you desire.

A business vision allows you to think big in terms of your dreams, but to also think big in terms of how you can reach those dreams.

While your first goal is likely to turn a profit, there are other things that are important to care about too. Any successful project actually starts with the end in mind. Even if you build houses for a living, the thing you should concern yourself with is the end result of the livable house, not the first nail you hammer.

Without a clear picture of the end result, you won’t even know where to put that first nail.

Therefore, starting with the end in mind will help you create a business that is successful because you’ll know where you’re going.

1. Helps You Create a Sustainable Business – If you have a vision, you can have a long-term business that grows and evolves as time moves forward.

2. Creates a Business Not a Job – If you really want a business that lasts longer than week to week and month to month, you need a vision.

3. Helps You Develop a Growing Business – If you want your vision to grow, you will need to know where you’re going so that you can create a plan to get there.

4. Allows You to Live Your Passions and Do What You Love – While the first thing a business wants may be to earn a profit, the first thing most people want is to live a happy life doing what they love. By creating a business vision you can do both.

5. Knowing Your Vision Helps You Choose Like-Minded contractors – If you know what you stand for, you can tell those you interview for positions so that you can ensure that together your visions align.

6. Your Vision Signifies to Others What You Stand For – Your business vision will let customers, contractors and employees know what you stand for, above money, well into the future.

7. Your Vision Helps You Know Your Exit Plan – A sustainable business always needs an exit plan. After all, someday you will want to retire, and having a vision can assist with ensure that comes true.

8. Your Vision Helps You Create Systems – Knowing the end point in mind, you can work your way back to today and create a system to reach your goals.

9. Your Vision Helps You Market to Your Audience – If you know where you’re going, and why you’re going there, and who your market is, you’ll be able to create more targeted marketing messages.

10. Helps Your Offerings Become More Unique – Your business vision enables you to create unique offerings throughout your product funnel, ultimately leading to the big dream vision you have for your business.

It should be clear that having a business vision isn’t optional if you want to be successful. Don’t fail to plan; instead, develop your business vision to align with your beliefs, values, and goals so that you can accomplish your dreams.

Chris Koehl

Marketing Strategy And Marketing Planning

Today, let’s have a quick conversation about marketing strategy and marketing planning. Then how the two should work together, so you can grow your business faster.

The best way to get strategy versus plan straight is to realize that you need to develop goals (strategy) before you can create a plan of action to reach those goals.

First you come up with the strategy and goals, and then using the goals you will create the plan. They go together and you need both to be successful when marketing your business.

Here’s an example:

Marketing strategy: Increase email subscribers in order to market XYZ product.

Marketing plan: Create and promote a freebie report targeted toward a specific audience for the purposes of increasing email list subscriptions.

You have to know what you want do before you can determine how you’re going to do it. This is why creating a marketing plan is an important part of owning a successful business.

Come up with the right strategy so that you can create good goals, then from those goals develop a plan of action that provides for you daily, weekly and monthly tasks to perform toward reaching the goals and seeing the strategy through.

The step missing here is the doing. If you were to create a workflow for developing your marketing strategy and plan, it might look like this.

1. Define the Goals: Measurable and attainable goals spelled out. If you canít write it out, you havenít dug deep enough. Name what you want. If you plan to increase your email list subscribers, then by how many? Which list? With whom?

2. Identify Why: Know why you want to meet the goal. Do you know why you’re building your email list? You should know that youíre building it to promote XYZ product.

3. Create a Plan of Action: List all the tasks you must do to reach the goal. What does it take to create the freebie? A writer, an editor, a delivery system and promotion; what else?

4. Implement the Plan: Organize the plan and implement it in the order necessary to succeed. Always remember first things first. Set the time limit or deadline, then work your way back to today to start filling in when you need to do each task.

5. Measure the Results: Determine if you met your goals by seeing how much you exceeded or how far you are from the measurable goal that you set.

6. Adjust and Improve: Throw out what isn’t working and keep doing what is. If you did not reach your goal, determine why. If you did, make a new one.

7. Repeat: Do it all over again for every goal.

Understanding the importance of how you’ll go about meeting a goal is about as important as creating the goal. As you work through the marketing plan you may determine that you lack skill or education.

That will then determine that you need help of some sort from a coach or technology.